Operational Excellence
and Exceptional Labor Performance

• We'll help you plan and optimize your supply chain processes and methods and show you how to maximize the performance out of your labor force.

Examples of these services include:
  • Assessment of existing supply chain operations
  • Assessment of existing workforce labor performance
  • Assessment of existing capacities and service levels
  • Application of lean six sigma process improvement principles
  • Development of relevant, meaningful supply chain operations metrics, benchmarks, and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Conception, modeling, analysis, and planning of warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing information systems

    • Definition of system requirements
    • Estimation of system costs
    • Business case development and return-on-investment (ROI) analysis
    • Economic evaluation and justification of alternative solutions
    • Functional specification

  • Modeling, analysis, planning, measurement, and reengineering of business processes and methods

    • Simplification and standardization of processes and methods
    • Implementation of industry best practices
    • Reduction of cycle times
    • Inventory profiling and slotting optimization
    • Improvement of accuracy, quality, and safety
    • Improvement of resource utilization