Logistics network optimization

We'll help you plan and optimize your logistics network so you have the right number of facilities, of the right size, in the right locations, performing the right functions effectively to support your business.

Examples of these services include:
  • Assessment of existing supply chain strategies, operations, logistics networks, & facilities
  • Conception, evaluation, modeling, analysis, & planning of supply chain networks

    • Development of Greenfield & Redesigned Supply Chain Network Strategy
    • Definition of Network & Facility Requirements
    • Network-level & Facility-level Flow-path Analysis
    • Estimation of Inventory Requirements
    • Estimation of Facility Space Requirements
    • Estimation of Facility Costs
    • Business Case Development & Return-on-Investment (ROI) Analysis
    • Economic Evaluation and Justification of Alternative Solutions
    • Optimization of Network Design
    • Optimization of Facility Function, Size, & Location
    • Planning & Layout of Warehouses, Distribution Centers, & Manufacturing Facilities

  • Qualification, evaluation, selection, & recommendation of logistics outsourcing

    • Third-party Logistics (3PL) Firms
    • Fulfillment Service Providers
    • Contract Warehousing

  • Transportation optimization and cost reduction
  • Inventory optimization & cost reduction